Miami Dolphins contenders or pretenders?

The Miami Dolphins had arguably the best off season in NFL this season. They  signed Mike Wallace to a big-time contract worth over $60 million dollars. Also the addition of linebacker Daniele Ellerbee formerly of the Baltimore Ravens.

Miami also released linebacker Karlos Dansby, who was a big fan favorite down in south beach. The Dolphins have quickly turned into one of the youngest teams in the league.

When it comes to the running back positions, the questions is, will Lamar Miller live up to the hype? The former back out of Miami is going into his second year and the plan is for him to replace Reggie Bush, who left in free agency.

Miller averaged about five yards a carry during his rookie year, but didn’t get much  attention as a backup. According to some NFL analysts Lamar is one of the top fantasy running backs for 2013. Now he has to back it up and prove he can play with the elite running backs in the NFL.

Playoffs? The Dolphins haven’t heard that term since 2008, when they won their division after going 11-5 while also introducing the “wildcat” offense to the NFL.  The addition of Mike Wallace is a big factor on offense, becaue of how dynamic he is as an athlete.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill is a good young quarterback, but now he has to prove it with the money the Dolphins spent in the offseason. Many people believe the Dolphins have the talent of an 11-5 teams going into 2013.   But no one knows until the season begins.

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