Members of Texans organization say Schaub needs to be better in crunch time

matt schaub

After some underwhelming playoff performances by Matt Schaub, resulting in zero AFC Championship appearances for a Texans team in win-now mode, the Houston Texans management appears to be getting a little edgy.

First it was quarterbacks coach Karl Dorrell implying earlier this week that quarterback Matt Schaub needs to be a better player in “crunch time.”

Most recently it was Texans’ general manager Rick Smith.

“Quarterbacks are judged by championships,” Smith said on the NFL AM show on NFL Network. And later: ” [Schaub] does have to play better in those situations for us to take our team to the next level.”

Both Dorrell and Smith also said plenty of nice things about Schaub as a player, but the common theme that he needs to be more of a clutch player is obvious. And while it is clearly true that Schaub needs to step up his game in the playoffs if the Texans hope to win a Super Bowl, there is very little upside to coaches and front office staff broadcasting this fact through the media. The same message can be delivered to Schaub in a private meeting room, but communicating it to Schaub indirectly through the media (no matter the intention) can only serve to embarrass Schaub and make the organization look unprofessional as well.

From a football standpoint, this means Schaub is on the hot seat. Future failure by Schaub to produce in the playoffs could mean that the Texans will be searching for a new quarterback sooner than expected.

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    Get your facts straight if you’re going to write an article. He has only played in two playoff games. He was injured the previous year and had the worst defense in the league prior to that. I’m not defending Schaub, just disagreeing with your insinuation that he has a history of not doing well in the playoffs. “Needs to be better in crunch time” applies to almost every QB in the league.