Member of Dolphins coaching staff calls bullying scandal “overblown”

According to Miami Herald report a Dolphins coach was overheard Wednesday calling the whole issue of bullying as being “overblown”

The coach was overheard saying outside the team’s training facility Wednesday: “This is the most overblown story.”

Then, making obvious what he was discussing, the coach added: “Everybody knows Richie [Incognito] has a past.”

Those remarks came in stark contrast to the tone struck by Ross on Monday night. Ross, who said he was “appalled” by reports of abuse, took the issue seriously enough to ask NFL special counselor Ted Wells to investigate his

The more that I hear from both sides of the scandal the more questions I have. The situation is far from resolved and as long as it stays in the eyes of the public it will continue to blacken the eye of the NFL. I honestly don’t know how deep this story goes but it is certainly not being overblown. It casts a negative image on everyone involved.