Mel Kiper says the Chiefs should draft Manti Te’o

The Kansas City Chiefs are currently in line to have to number one overall pick in April’s NFL draft.

Right now there really aren’t any quarterbacks worthy of being drafted first overall, so ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. believes they should draft Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o.

In my opinon, the best move would be to trade down and grab a quarterback in the mid to late first round.

  • Tom

    The Vikings should trade Percy Harvin + a 3 round pick to the Cardinals for Patrick Peterson.

    • names2long

      Stupid, stupid, stupid idea if you’re the Cards. You never trade a lock down corner in his prime for an offensive skill player. Why?Look how that worked out for the redskins when they traded Champ Bailey to the Broncos for that running back…what’s his name again?

  • Terry

    Are you nuts? Harvin is a hundred times more valuable to this team than PP would be.

  • Anonymous

    do the cheifs play football. Who cares?

    • Ralph

      don’t know much about football history junior!

  • Anonymous

    Are you nuts? The Cards don’t need more wr’s and they certainly wouldn’t think of trading PP for one.

  • leeblake

    Te’o is profoundly overrated. Not in the top 100 players in tackles for a loss or sacks, 61st in avg tackles per game, 70th in passes defensed – in top 5 for interceptions but that is it. He would not start on Bama or LSU.

  • David Mucerino

    only trade percy for draft picks of at least a 1st 2nd and a 3rd with the picks coming in at a maximum of two years, obviously you have forgotten already how valuable he is to the vikings or you are a packers fan

  • Michael Hunt

    He’s not even the best linebacker in the draft.

  • Rick M

    what are you smokin?

  • Anonymous in Carolina

    Living in the Carolinas, it’s hard to forget Kiper’s insistance that Jimmy Clausen (also from ND) was the greatest QB ever born, and the Panthers believed him! Mel Jr. s/b vending newspapers for a living.

  • Anonymous

    time tells all

  • phillyhomer

    Andy Reid has never drafted a linebacker in the first round. It is not a position he regards as that important. IF he doesn’t draft a QB it will be a offensive or defensive lineman.

  • Anonymous

    Learn how to spell Chiefs, you idiot

    • Steve

      Great googly moogly!

  • Anonymous

    I before E, except after C :)

  • http://MFAO ROFL

    dude.. a 1st 2nd, and a 3rd?…must be good crack in your hood…

  • Anonymous

    Chiefs should trade down in the draft with the 49rs. Our #1 for their #1 and Alex Smith. Solves both problems at once.

  • Captainralph

    Just sayin’, this is the same Mel that criticized Pete Carol and John Snider for drafting Russell Wilson.

  • Dae Ford

    Kiper is responsible for more draft busts than any team. He has been linked to draft day money. Teo is at best a decent college linebacker. He was manhandled against Bama.

  • Trap

    Lets face it the vicke queens suck walldldo !!

  • http://bilgewater bill cormeny

    GMs should begin all draft days with at least one Alabama defensive player per round.

  • AJLabat

    I think his lack of production in the National Championship game proves that he is not that good when playing against a high caliber team.

  • Tee

    If the Chiefs were smart they would go get Joe Webb from the Vikings and trade down. He is a faster and bigger RGIII

  • chiefidiot

    This guy was “Bosworthed” by the Bama backs the whole National Championship game. I’d take a chance on him in the 5th round. That’s about it. He’s not ready for the NFL. He obviously wasn’t ready for an elite college team.

    • Pez

      I’m surprised that Kiper is (was?) so high on Te’o. Statistically, he wasn’t that much of a stand-out, and he got abused against Bama. He looked small, slow, and lost. No way he’s an NFL star in the making. If the Chiefs want an impact LB, they should draft Jarvis Jones. He’s fast, strong, and has a high football IQ. Not a Rhodes Scholar, but he KNOWS the game. I believe, though, that KC will trade down and get a package of draft picks and/or players from another team. They just have too many needs for one player to be a solution.

  • rob

    Mel is a circus clown a legend in his mind and maybe a few idiots at ESPN.

  • Matt Hall (@MattHall00)

    or Georgia

  • Anonymous

    Unless used ei (pronounced aaayyy) as in neibor and weigh

  • Anonymous

    Mel is the biggest idiot on TV. If is football knowledge was as big as is ego he would be the best at evaluating talent

  • Patty

    you need to spell before getting on this web site

  • Anonymous

    It is spelled neighbor

  • Anonymous

    I so concur with some things written.
    1) A Percy Harvin and 3rd rounder trade for Patrick Peterson? Dumb. Just dumb. And that is putting it mildly. Patrick Peterson has not hit is prime … yet. He is still learning the position believe it or not. Harvin, I have never been a huge fan of.

    2) Manti Te’o is at best an average LB.

    3) Please learn to spell and learn proper grammar

  • Spell Checker

    Anonymous . . . learn how to spell neighbor !

  • jerryb

    learn how to spell neighbor

  • Anonymous

    UMMMMM When will people realize that this “shill” for the media is clueless about football. Kind of like the weathermen every night.. “It’s going to rain tonight”…. But when it doesn’t, nobody remembers what he said last night….. WRONG most of the time. Plus, more than that, it’s just a ploy to arouse dumb people to watch TV so they can sell commercials to stupid big corporations at ridiculous prices under the guise of necessary advertising as “good business.” C’m!on people… get a life. Don’t be part of the problem

  • Dave

    I agree with Anonymous on Kiper.