Maurice Jones-Drew: Matt Schaub can get the Raiders to the Super Bowl

New Raiders running back Maurice Jones-Drew told Mad Dog Sports Radio that Matt Schaub can get them to a Super Bowl.

I can’t see this happening.

Schaub was the quarterback of one of the most talented teams in the NFL back in 2012 and he couldn’t get the Texans to the Super Bowl.

I hope this MJD talks all offseason.  This is entertaining.



  1. Brutus says

    Not sure where you heard that the 2012 Texans were one of the most talented teams in the NFL. They overachieved, lacked key personnel and matched up poorly against the Pats who kicked their butts badly twice – including their elimination from the playoffs that season. As far as Schaub’s performance in the playoffs, he completed over 70% of his passes and had a rating equal to his career rating. He made some mistakes, but certainly was not the reason they didn’t go farther. His limited playoff experience so far should be promising to most Raiders’ fans. He will perform the same in the postseason as in the regular season – no more, no less. QB won’t be our weak link as far as making the postseason or Superbowl any time in the near future.

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