Matt Schaub says the Texans are Super Bowl contenders

Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub told the Houston Chronicle that he’s very excited about the new players the Texans have acquired this offseason and he really believes they’re a Super Bowl contender.

“I’m really excited about playing with them,” said Schaub, who is confident the Texans will be in the hunt for the Super Bowl. “We still have a ton of talent. We play at a very high level. I definitely think we are (a Super Bowl contender).”

I believe the Texans have the talent to reach the big game.  The biggest question to me is whether Matt Schaub can carry them.


  • M. J. Vassar

    Schaub is a nice guy …. but don’t expect him to say the Texans can’t make it to the Super Bowl. I don’t think Schaub can get them there. He is average at best. He has no field command leadership abilities. He looks so scared when playing. He has had a few injuries and he does not want the NFL pay and benefits to end too soon. He is not a field general.

  • Michael Hutchinson

    I am really getting tired of people cutting down Schaub. I think he had a let down last year because of back to back overtime games. He just did not look the same after that. I do agree he is not a elite QB, but he not a bum either. The Texans do need to address the backup QB though.

  • Connie Kaleel

    Fact is Fact. Im a fan of Schaub. But, he does not have what it takes to get us to the SB. Just sayin. I wish he did.