Matt Schaub: Andre holmes can “stretch the field”

Raiders quarterback Matt Shaub likes what he’s seen from wide receiver Andre Holmes so far.

“He’s a long strider, a big guy who can stretch the field vertically and go up and get the football,” quarterback Matt Schaub said. “Obviously, his height and his ability to adjust in the air are some of his strengths, as well as some of the intermediate routes. Just being able to get to the top of his route, come strong out of his cut, he can be a guy that can stretch the field for us.”

Holmes has been working on his technique this offseason.

“I’m looking at myself critically,” Holmes said. “That’s how I go about things heading into this training camp because I know I can really help improve my game.

“This offseason, I wanted to work on my intermediate routes. I need to be more explosive and more crisp, which will help me be more consistent. That’s the main thing. Consistency is so key.”