Matt Forte upset over losing carries to Michael Bush

Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte is confused about why he was replaced by Michael Bush towards the end of  multiple scoring drives during Sunday’s win over the Colts.

“It’s been happening my whole career here, so I don’t know,’’ Forte said, per the Chicago Sun-Times. “That’s the coordinator’s call.’’

Forte understands that Bush is just as versatile out of the back field as he is.

“Mike can do it all, as well,’’ Forte said. “He can catch the ball on third downs, so there are no limitations when I come out of the game. It’s not like if I come out on third down, he can’t do the same thing.’’

Forte has a point about not finishing drives. He’s one of the NFL’s best all around backs, he deserves to at least finish a drive if he’s not too winded.

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