Matt Flynn says Aaron Rodgers taught him how to be thick skinned

matt flynn

When Matt Flynn was in Green Bay, he had the chance to experience the craziness that Aaron Rodgers went through when Brett Favre was still in town.

Flynn claims he was able to learn how to deal with a circus-like atmosphere from watching Rodgers.

“What Aaron went through was a circus,” Flynn said, via the Contra Costa Times. “There were all the questions from the media, people heckling him in the crowd. I don’t think anybody else could have handled it any better than he did.

“I spent eight or nine hours a day with him, and you’d never have known what he was going through. There was never any sign of frustration.”

Rodgers says Flynn handled himself very well last season after losing the starting job to Russell Wilson in Seattle.

“He’s handled himself well in some tough situations,” Rodgers said in a phone interview from Green Bay. “He was a backup who knew he could play, got better, improved his skill set, learned how to prepare and did really well when he got the opportunity to play in a couple of games.

“It was a tough situation in Seattle, but he’s got an opportunity in Oakland to do something great, and I’m really proud of him.”

Even though it looks like Flynn will be the Raiders starting quarterback this season, many people don’t  believe he has the ability to be their starter for the next ten years or so.   He still has plenty of people to prove wrong.




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