Matt Flynn has almost no trade value

At the end of the 2012 season, the Seattle Seahawks were very honest and admitted that they’re open to trading quarterback Matt Flynn.

Danny O’Neil of The Seattle Times did a great job of breaking down why Flynn likely’ isn’t going anywhere right now.

matt flynn 1Matt Hasselbeck came on the market Monday, released after two seasons with the Tennessee Titans, and the fact he ended up as Indianapolis’ backup paints a pretty strong indication of where Matt Flynn will be next season: in Seattle.

Hasselbeck was available, no strings attached, and he wound up taking a job as Andrew Luck’s backup with the Colts for the not-so-insignificant sum of $8 million over two years. Hasselbeck will make $5 million in 2013 alone, which is significant because that’s about what Flynn is scheduled to earn this season on the contract he signed with Seattle last year.

The Seahawks have also indicated that they’re not pressed to get rid of Flynn.   They won’t have a problem with keeping him on the roster as Russell Wilson’s back up in 2013.

Because Seattle is not going to give away Flynn. The Seahawks made that clear in February when first general manager John Schneider and then coach Pete Carroll were clear about their satisfaction with the current pair of quarterbacks. No one ruled out a trade, but indicated the preference was to keep Flynn even though Wilson was clearly established as the starter.

“We feel real blessed to have two quarterbacks,” Schneider reiterated last week after Percy Harvin was introduced as a Seahawk.



  • keith

    He has trade value but I would hold on to him. There is a reason Wilson went in the 3rd round teams had concerns on his size and if he could take the beating of an NFL season. Add to that he runs around and is open to more hits then say a pocket passer like Brady or Manning it’s just good to have a back up. Whats the point in a 6th rounder AZ NY are options. Keep him as Insurance for the next 2 years Wilson doesn’t get hurt then great but if he does why not have a guy who can come in and win games and air it out if he has to.

  • Anonymous

    I would kind of like to see what Flynn might do as a featured starter for a team.

  • Anonymous

    I like Flynn and think he would be a good starter for someone that has more of a traditional offense. I would like the Hawks to find someone that has similar traits and styles as RW: Right Handed, accurate long ball, run threat, etc. Would be optimum to have similar drive and football IQ. Not saying Flynn or others do not have that, but RW’s complete package is what makes his size seem insignificant. The possibility of a late round project seem appealing at this point.