Mathias Kiwanuka ready to help the Giants as a full-time defensive end

mathias kiwanuka

New York Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka told that he feels like he can come in and help replace Jason Pierre-Paul while he recovers from back surgery.

“Having another man down means that we’ve all got to step up, and I’m ready to do the job,” Kiwanuka said today after the Giants’ organized team activity.

Kiwi feels like he can fill in for Pierre-Paul while he rehabs.

“There’s no doubt in my mind,” Kiwanuka said. “That was the position I came into this league playing and I’m looking forward to the opportunity. Obviously, we would love to have him back and I’m sure he’ll be back ready to go at a certain point, but we’re not going to rush him back for any reason.”

Even though Kiwanuka played well for the Giants at linebacker, he’s a much better defensive end and now that he’s gone back to rushing the passer on a full-time basis, it will benefit himself as well as the Giants defense.




  1. Keith says

    The Giants should of CUT Tuck and Resigned Osi and then let JPP Kiwi andOsi rush the passer. Osi is a better pass rusher then Tuck but he breaks contain to often and has mental errors that ended up costing him he job in NY. We have to face RGIII & Vick 4 times every year not counting other teams like the Panthers who use a mobile QB as well. If you break contain you can lose the game. I still think Osi should of stayed I hope I’m wrong and Tuck bounces back with 12+ sacks but the last 2 years he has played horribly and this could be last year as a starter in the NFL.

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