Mathew Stafford’s girlfriend blasts Lions fans

Mathew Stafford’s girlfriend Kelly Hall wasn’t very happy that Lions fans were booing her man’s team.

Hate to break it to Ms. Hall, but when you lose games you’re supposed to win while you essentially had the NFC North locked up,  you will get booed.

It also didn’t help that Stafford was averaging two interceptions a game over the past six games.



  • Paul Goodchild

    I’ve been a fan of the Lions since the days of Milt Plum, Alex Karras,, Ed Flanagan, Greg Landry and others. I can remember one good year; 1970 made playoffs; lost to Dallas 5-3. Sucks. Tom Dempsey’s 63 yarder; sucked.. The only real bright spot was Barry Sanders and they burnt him out in 9 years; sucked. So what happened to Matty Stafford ? He started out a virtual touchdown machine; he still is; pick six. Girlfriend, you need to get thicker skin. Real Lions fans would have booed Sunday, they deserve better after 56 years. This season makes me sick; Joe Falls said it best; snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Like a true Lions Fan, I’ll be hoping for a better year next year, this one sucked