Mathew Stafford reportedly participating in the Lions head coaching search

The Lions not only need to find a new head coach that can help them win, but one that can help quarterback Mathew Stafford improve as well.  They clearly know this.


  1. Anonymous says

    Insanity. If his judgment in helping select a coach compares to his skill as a QB, guess what we’ll get. A grossly overpaid underperforming coach like we alsready had.
    Rather than let Stafford assist in coach selection, it would probably be better to put him on the auction block and get as much as we can for him. Let’s not forget we did not “marry the guy” and it wont be a divorce. Just a business decision. We have all bought a stock with hight hopes but later found it to be underperformeing. So what did we do? – we sold the stock and bought something else. Same with Stafford.

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