Mathew Stafford doesn’t plan on getting any help with his mechanics

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As much as people rip Lions quarterback Mathew Stafford for his poor throwing mechanics he doesn’t plan on getting any help this offseason.

“Probably not,” he said when specifically asked about working with a trainer like George Whitfield, who’s worked with quarterbacks like Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck and Cam Newton in the past, per

“It’s not something that I feel would be my style or beneficial to me,” Stafford said.

This is not what Lions fans wanted to hear.



  1. says

    Here is another example of today’s athlete trying to be all he can be for his fans and his team for the millions of dollars he is paid.

    Have a crappy end to the year in which you were a big part of your teams nose dive? Lets stand pat and do it again next year.

  2. says

    he needs,help? with his mechanics??….RIGHT!…….same old b.s. Fat balding ex-footballers ike ron JAWS jawarski telling everyone Tebow needs help. JUST throw the ball down the field. g.d. it. LikeTebow did at

    Florida Gators.
    EXPERTS changed it for Broncos- you can see where that got him !
    JUST keep on keeping on throw the ball down the field. SCREW “the experts”.
    THROW the g.d. ball down the field. RECIEVERS catch the g.d. ball, come back for it.
    O.Linemen BLOCK, QB THROW, receiver CATCH.
    NO ONE OPEN, Run the g.d ball. run it run it ground and pound. If QB covered shovel pass it to r.b.
    I’m so sick of the ‘experts’ I could puke

  3. says

    well, “sig heil” you Natzi fasist. People are going to do what theywant. Coach needs to instruct him that IF he doesn’t change A to “B” he will be benched.
    Problem w./ today’s youth, with today’s drivers / with today’s teams.
    NO one wants constructive criticism.
    If you don’t play QB this way_________
    You WILL be benched.
    Need to put punishment with rules.
    GO hit someone helmit to helmet. Get fined $20,000 then THEN maybe the behavior will change.
    DO YOU know why nobody hits a referee or official?? CUZ they’ll get their ass thrown out of the game, suspended for another game and maybe kicked off the team.
    SIG HEIL consequences. Do it my way or the highway.

  4. talaktochoba says

    the problem lies not so much with Staff’s mechanics as it does his having spent his entire career before this season learning to throw off his back foot to save his knees from having Ravioli and Peterman caved back into him by the defensive lines…this has also prevented him from learning to pick up his secondary receivers well as he will next season now we have the makings of a real offensive line; finally, his receivers other than Calvin have to learn to read last second blitzes and more important, learn to break the jams at the line of scrimmage those blitzes require so Matt has “hot read” receivers to choose from…all the Baltimore game they got away with blitzes because the young new receivers like Justin and Faurier missed reads and not break jams, and one of Staff’s picks came when two of his receivers collided…in other games they’ve fallen down or not looked for the ball before the defender did or run the wrong pattern, like the pick-6 in the Giants game…another season with his new line will make Stafford more comfortable stepping into his throws and this year’s 8-8 will be next season’s 12-4 after we draft another good corner to replace Old Reliable who’s clearly lost two steps, fire Linehan and bring in somebody not afraid to call a running play on 3rd and 2…

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