Mark Sanchez’s future may be tied to Geno Smith

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, via, the New York Jets will look to trade Mark Sanchez before week one of the regular season if rookie Geno Smith shows that he’s capable of starting.

“I think the Jets would love to see (Smith) grasp things right away, so that the Jets would be in a position where they could see if they could find a trade partner for Mark Sanchez down the line,” Schefter said. “Some teams would be unwilling to take on the $8.25 million guaranteed in his contract, but there might be a team that’s willing to pay a small portion of it. To get some of that money off the Jets’ books. And the fact of the matter is, the Jets will go to camp with Sanchez. They’ll look to see at that point in time how Geno Smith fares.”

It certainly sounds like whether Sanchez is traded or not, he likely won’t be on the Jets roster for the regular season.


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