Mark Sanchez throws a pick six on his first series (Video)

mark sanchez

Well that didn’t take long.

On the Jets first offensive series of the 2013 preseason,  quarterback Mark Sanchez threw a pick six to Lions rookie defensive lineman Ziggy Ansah.

There’s not doubt that rookie Geno Smith will win the Jets starting job.  Not many quarterbacks can do what Sanchez does.


  1. paco martinez says

    “NOT many people can do what Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez does” ?? What does THAT mean?
    He hears footsteps and throws himself on the ground like the former Rams clown/QB Jim Everett?
    Runs into his own tackle and coughs up the ball in the famous ‘butt-fumble’ incident.?
    Throws into double coverage (= that means, some other receiver is single covered, DUH!)
    Sacked, stripped of the ball, pick six(es), drunk every weekend (??)
    I don’t think Mr. Sackchez is Super Bowl contender material.
    Maybe next season, the owner will FIRE both Rex Ryan and Mark Sackchez and start a whole new Cinderella Super Bowl contender team.

    Until then, we have to put up with this crap (and they call it pro offense!?)
    With Mr. Tebow gone–I won’t be watching any JJJJJet’s games.

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