Mark Sanchez threw 3 interceptions on Wednesday

According to the Newark Star-Ledger, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez threw three interceptions during the team portion of today’s organized team activities.  He addressed his poor play after practice.

“A couple of those throws I want back,” Sanchez said. “Of all people, freakin’ Snacks, that’s like your worst nightmare. But I was just trying to make a play, that’s one of those things where I should pull the ball down and run or something. I’m shaking the rust off a little bit, getting back into the swing of things, especially with a lot of young guys.”

Sanchez still believes the Jets coaches will “get the best” of him.

“You’re aware of it, you can see it on film. It’s not one of those things people see from the outside, but I have to be confident I’m making the right decisions and if the guy is there or not there, I can’t fix that. I have to be on my game and worry about me,” Sanchez said.

I know it’s only May, but a veteran quarterback like Sanchez shouldn’t be making the mistakes he’s making.  So far it looks like he can’t shake the turnover bug that plagued him last season.


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