Mark Murphy: I would like to see the draft held in Green Bay

Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy responded to questions from fans on and he stated that he would also love to see the NFL Draft held in Green Bay.

 I also agree, and would like to see the draft held in Green Bay. The draft has been held in New York for many years now, and has built up a large following. Interestingly, the League used to hold the draft at team sites. The draft was held in Milwaukee in 1939. Staff from the League office have considered moving the draft to other locations. They’ve announced that they will hold next year’s draft in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, and will make a decision in the fall after studying the advantages of these sites. It would be great for the local community if the draft were held in Green Bay, and we’ve contacted the League regarding the specifications required for hosting the draft.

With the rich football history in Green Bay,  having the drag there would make sense.

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