Mark Davis: “The Raiders will be great again”

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis told the San Jose Mercury News that he won’t put up with anyone mocking his late father Al Davis or the Raiders organization.

Davis also claims that general manager Reggie Mckenzie’s job is not on the line after Davis recently fired their former media relations director, Zak Gilbert, who McKenzie hired last year.

“Not at all. Reggie understands why I made the decision I made. Look, I understand what Reggie is trying to do. Reggie’s fine. He’s the one guy that I’ve hired. I’ve got to give him room to do his job.”

Davis understands all of the criticism he’s received so far since taking over as the Raiders owner, but he’s only worried about winning again.

“That’s OK. My concern is winning,” he says. “The Raiders will be great again. Write it down. The Raiders will be great again.”


  1. says

    Hey, yeah, the Raiders……yeah, they’re about as good as the N.Y. JJJJJets. At least you guys finally go rid of JaMarcus Russell. TRY EMULATING the N.E. Patriots or the New Orleans Saints.
    The way the refrigerator-raiders have been playing they are more like the JJJJJETS !!
    Also, did you hear Jeff Garcia thinks he can come back and start in Oakland;

    Well,Oh, YAWN, yea Jeff Garcia is WELL past his prime–he’s deluding himself if he thinks he can play the demanding NFL QB position: What I don’t understand is WHY fat idiot Rex RYAN brought in Garcia when he had Mark Sackchez, Tim Tebow, 3rd string qb_____?__
    and the qB who retired and Garcia and then he brought in JaMarcus Russell for a tryout and then drafted Geno Smith: This Head Coach in Jet-land needs a serious psychological examination . You can ONLY play one or two qbs during the season; does he think having poor defense, poor special teams, poor offensive line and marginal qb — does that add up to a championship team: HINT:: the answer is NO
    Woody Johnson should have gotten rid of Rex “fat idiot” Ryan and AND Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez. Gone with TEBOW and not draft Geno Smith.
    Oh, hell, I’ll never watch another Jets game; run by idiot.
    By the way: You guys can pick up another USC jerk; You HAD Heisman Trophy winner
    Carson Palmer, and Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinhart and you passed on Matt Barkley so you can still get JJJJJETS qb Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez. And HE ca n do a butt-fumble for you for Raiders high light films. Oh, well. One more thing……


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