Mark Brunell believes Eli Manning is one of the top 5 current quarterbacks

eli manning

I know Eli Manning has two Super Bowl MVP’s, but I can’t agree that he’s one of the top five quarterbacks in the NFL.

You have to give credit that Manning put together two of the most impressive postseason runs in 2007 and 2011, but he’s too inconsistent overall.

  • ggbblue

    That’s bull. Good for Mark Brunell giving Eli Manning his props. It’s not the Fantasy Football League. I’m sick of FF blowhards losing sight of what Eli has done. Watching another Peyton SB choke job reinforced that. It’s not about rings. You don’t count rings and say so and so is better. It’s about looking at performance. Eli is the man. Props to Brunell for watching and assessing.

  • med515

    I could also argue that for an all time great, Peyton Manning is too inconsistent in SBs. Actually, no. He always chokes in them.

    How is Eli inconsistent if he’s broken every Giants passing record? People spout nonsense without the first clue what they are talking about. Good for Brunell. I’m sick of Eli getting crapped on, but it makes sense that the one QB who truly doesn’t give two damns about his fantasy stats, Eli Manning, outrages fantasy football geeks with Brunell’s list. Lol