Mark Brunell apologizes for comments he made on the Jaguars

Former Jacksonville QB Mark Brunell spoke about what he saw as the fate of the Jaguars in the relatively near future. He gist  of his comments was that he inevitably see’s the Jags moving to London within a few years.

“I certainly caused quite a stir and upset a lot of Jaguars fans,” Brunell said. “Let me tell you guys: I regret those comments. A poor choice of words. I had an opportunity up there to speak to all that [Jaguars owner] Shad Khan has done in this community, his investments, and his plans, and all the great things that are going on with the Jacksonville Jaguars and I didn’t do it. That certainly will not happen again.

Former Jaguars QB Mark Brunell angered fans Tuesday when he said “all indications are that we’re headed” toward the Jaguars relocating to London.
“Obviously all of us, we want the Jaguars to stay in Jacksonville and I do not want this team to leave. I love this team. I love the franchise. I love the direction it’s heading in. I love this community. I think I got caught up a little bit. My quote, my comment, was all indications are that the team is heading in that direction towards London, but, really those were comments based on what’s being said and what the perspective is outside this community. Inside this community, of course we all know what’s going to be going on the next few years with the stadium renovations and all that, so [I made a] poor choice of

Brunell is paid by the Jaguars to do his own radio show for the team so it was probably in his best interest to do so but i do get the feeling that he generally regretted his comments. The idea of the Jags moving isn’t new but with owner Shad Khan expected to invest an estimated $31 million dollars in the facility i don’t expect a move of the Jags to happen any time soon.

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