Mario Williams suing his ex-fiance over a $785,000 engagement ring

mario williamsAccording to, Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario WIlliams is currently suing his ex-girlfriend over a $785,000, 10-carat engagement ring that that he bought her before she left him.

Williams sued Erin Marzouki in Harris County Court.
“During the parties’ relationship, on or about December 12, 2011, plaintiff purchased a $785,000 diamond engagement ring from Valobra Master Jewelers,” the complaint states.
“The ring is a GIA certified radiant cut diamond weighing 10.04 carats, E color grade and VS2 clarity grade. On February 19, 2012, plaintiff gave the ring to defendant in contemplation of the parties’ marriage. Defendant accepted the ring as gift made in contemplation of the parties’ marriage.
“Further, during the parties’ relationship, plaintiff provided defendant with an American Express credit card to use to pay her living expenses. Defendant incurred over $108,000 in charges on the American Express card between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012.
“Further, during the parties’ relationship, plaintiff purchased additional luxurious items in excess of $230,000 for the defendant.”
But Williams claims that on Jan. 21 this year, less than a year after she agreed to marry him, Marzouki ended the engagement.
“The termination of the relationship was solely caused by defendant,” the complaint states. “Defendant never intended to marry plaintiff and used the relationship as a means to get to plaintiff’s money and acquire gifts. Defendant has absconded with the diamond engagement ring. Plaintiff has demanded that defendant return the diamond engagement ring, but defendant has failed and refused to do so.”
Williams wants a restraining order and writ of sequestration to stop Mazourki from selling the ring.
He also seeks damages for conversion, fraud and violation of the Theft Liability Act.

It’s sad that women seem to try and take advantage of pro athletes.  I’m sure Williams isn’t perfect, but this woman is wrong or dumping Williams after receiving the engagement ring and not giving it back to him.  On the other side, Williams was dumb to give her a ring that cost so much money.



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