Mario Williams shows off an M16 with a silencer and two handguns on Instagram (Photo)

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams posted a photo of himself on Instagram holding an M16 with a silencer and two handguns.

I’m not sure why Williams posted this, but it’s really stupid.  Especially after Aaron Hernandez was just arrested for murder on Wednesday.

Williams has the right to bear arms, but I don’t see a reason for owning an M16.

mario williams



    I am not a gun expert BUT:
    The M-16 is a military ONLY machine gun.
    The civilian version is the Colt AR-15 and is semi-automatic: 1 trigger pull = 1 round.
    ALSO, the AR-15 can have the fold up handle and a flash suppressor on the end of the barrel NOT a silencer. Finally,the AR-15 is availabe in .223 (long bullets, really long bullets), .22 caliber (short, kinda useless bullets) and I think 9mm. The width of the magazine in this photo would indicate to me he’s shooting some sort of short bullet (.22., .9mm etc.)
    I have guns, but don’t take ’em out and try to look bad ass with them and don’t have people photographing me with them.,
    poor taste in light of the Aaron Hernandez thing.

    One last thing: IT is a serious FELONY / Federal violation to even OWN a machine gun.

  2. jflan123 says

    This is a bit misleading. Mario posted this weeks before the Aron hernandez arrest. Also, the picture was taken at a gun shop in NC. I do not think he even owned the gun.

  3. Anonymous says

    He is not a thug, does not have tattoos from head to toe, and he was not shooting at a person. I’m sure he has his pistol permit with proper documentation. It does not say where this picture was taken, he visited troops in Afghanistan this offseason could have been there. GO BILLS!!!!!!!

  4. The Trev says

    So now that there was a murder by an NFL player no NFL players are allowed to exercise their second amendment. I don’t remember the same treatment when Leonard Little was killing people with a car. Shouldn’t have there been outrage at any picture of a car? This article perfectly shows the gun debate. This writer obviously knows nothing about guns referring to that as an M16 but yet he feels he has the moral superiority to regulate which are legal and if they are photographed. He also uses the classic anti gun argument that there is no reason to own (insert type of gun here). I don’t remember America having laws on people having a good reason for making a purchase. I don’t think he has a reason to own a Che Guevara (mass muderer) T-shirt but I am not trying to take that away from him. So in closing worry about your compost pile and your ironic mustache not someone proudly exercising their rights.

  5. Anonymous says

    Hey anonymous, just because you have tattoos doesn’t make you a thug, dumbass

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