Mario Williams’ ex-fiancee’s attorney seeking perjury charge

The saga of Buffalo Bills’ defensive lineman Mario Williams’ quest to get an engagement ring back from his ex-fiancee continues. The attorney representing the ex-fiancee is now seeking perjury charges against Williams.

According to David Barron of the Ultimate Texans, the request was made on Friday along with their desire to get the case dismissed.

“Despite his fame and wealth, this court should not allow Williams to misuse the court system, or to avoid the ramifications of his conduct,” Buzbee wrote. “Williams is not above the law. He undeniably lied under oath.”

More text messages were released of Williams allegedly telling his ex to keep the ring.

The latest round of text messages includes messages in which Williams wrote, “Keep those material things. It means nothing to me anymore: and “I said keep it” and “KEEP IT! Remember me by it.” In another series of messages, Williams is said to have written, “She said she was going to keep the ring n told her fine. I put down using material things as leverage long ago. She is free to be n do as she wants.”

This seems like it is the last coffin in the nail for Williams case. This will serve as a lesson for Williams next time he’s picking out a gift (wedding related or not). Next time just buy her a dog.


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