Marcus Vick puts out a bounty for Riley Cooper

marcus vick

To no one’s surprise Marcus Vick is at it again with posting ignorant messages on Twitter.

This time Michael Vick’s younger brother put out a bounty for Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper after a video surfaced of him saying some racial slurs toward black people.




It didn’t take Michael Vick very long to respond to his brother’s dumb comments.

Mike just needs to take his brother’s computer away.  He’s become nothing but an embarrassment for him and his family.


  • Daniel Stillmunks

    Marcus Vick: Sir;

    #1: do you listen to music? Answer: YES
    #2: do you listen to rap/hip-hop music? Answer: YES
    #3 do you listen to ‘gangsta rap’ music? Answer: YES
    So, if all these presumptions are true, it follows that you’re OK with “BITCH” and “NIGGER” as long as they are accompanied with a drum beat?? It’s ‘art’ or ‘music’ ??
    Do you like the white rapper Eminem? Answer: ?
    Are you aware that he uses the nigger word a lot?

    I have a seizure disorder known as epilepsy.
    Are you aware that there is a true medical condition among some epileptics called their “nigger-trigger’ that is: When they see a black man, they blurt out the n-word.? Incredible, but true.

    If you don’t believe me, Google it.

    You take good care of yourself and don’t be so uppity when you just hear a word. White folks call the welfare-cheats and lazy slobs ‘white-niggers.”
    Mexicans who don’t approve of their Mexican acquaintances life styles call them ‘beaners”. A word is a word is a word.
    AS long as YOU let it become bigger than it really is, YOU’RE bound to get into trouble.
    Be careful out there.
    There are many bad folks of all races.

    I regret things I said while drunk and stupid.
    God forgives, I think I’ll let Him.
    Take care, Marcus.