Marcus Vick goes off on a Twitter rant over George Zimmerman

marcus vick

After last night’s not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, Marcus Vick went off on Twitter.

He made some valid points but went overboard.  This isn’t a shock given his previous Twitter rants here, here and here.





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  1. paco martinez says

    Mr. Marcus Vick–your ranting and raving and cursing and speaking in broad generalizations makes YOU sir sound like a raving lunatic. If you wish to be treated nicely, fairly, you need to present yourself as a sane person.
    What’s this about: “we” owe ‘your people’ two years.? What is that?

    When I worked in the ghetto down in Long Beach, CA i carried my locked and loaded .45 automatic. The saying goes: “I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 4 (or 6) pallbearers.”
    I never had to use it, but by God I’m working and earning a living and the neighborhood tough guys would come in and steal—we caught them repetitively –they just laughed at the system.
    6’5″ Dave S. & hockey-playing Steve C. were both black belts & they’d take a thief out back and flat out challenge him to a fist fight. MOSTLY cowards—would walk away. Defiant ones got bones broken.

    If you want to be treated like trash, talk like trash, act like trash. Speak in broken sentences. Dress all retarded like shoes w/ no shoe strings, shirts pulled on inside out and backwards, 3 bandanas , pants down below your buttocks.
    THOSE folks are watched by “NORMAL” American protestant citizens as “potential trouble makers.” , “weirdos”, “mental patients.”

    As for Zimmerman, proof that he didn’t MURDER Martin was this: HE SHOT ONCE ! One time.
    Zimmerman was surprised when the cops told him, “He;s dead.” “He’s dead?”
    He could have unloaded his gun on the guy!!

    So you may be the toughest guy in your neighbor hood. But there’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS somebody carrying MACE, a TASER, a knife or a pistol.
    Don’t go threatening that the ‘hood is gonna get him’.
    You don’t know that. And remember, my friend, YOU can be prosecuted for THREATS: criminal threats, terrorist threats.

    Act like a gentleman, and you would be welcome –act like a jerk, and I want to put a bunch of yardage between you and me.

    Maybe YOU need to get grabbed by the lapels and shaken–get some sense shaken into you.
    Don’t go shootin’ your mouth off–your vocabulary isn’t that good , neither is your conjugation of verbs.
    Mr. .45Auto himself: 5’10” 300# only an orange belt–I used to spar with the brown & black belts.

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