Marcus Lattimore happy with what he accomplished through practicing

Rookie running back Marcus Lattimore told that he could play if the 49ers needed him to.

“If I had to play, I would play,” Lattimore said. “Without question, if they needed me, I could play. But they don’t need me right now.”

Lattimore says the extra time off will only help him for next season.

“This extra time is just going to give me enough time to get comfortable without the brace I was wearing and go out there and play like nothing ever happened,” Lattimore said.

With Lattimore’s practice window going away,  the 49ers be shutting him down for the season.  He says he’s accomplished everything he’s wanted to.

“Three weeks, and I got better every week,” he said. “And that was my main goal, to get better every week. The soreness went down every week. I was out there moving around and being myself. And I know the things I have to work on now.

“I felt like I looked pretty good. My feet are OK. They’re not where they used to be. I just got to get a little bit quicker. Once I clean that up, I feel like I’m almost better.”


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