Marcus Gilbert might stay at right tackle for the Steelers

Just last week, the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to swap Marcus Gilbert and Mike Adams and have Gilbert play right tackle and Adams operate on the left side.  So far it looks like that’s where both players will stay, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The switch of Mike Adams to left tackle and Marcus Gilbert back to right tackle might not be decreed as permanent yet by coach Mike Tomlin.

But it might only be a matter of time before it is.

“It’s been interesting and it has produced some positive results,” Tomlin said regarding the switch.

The reason the Steelers made the switch is surprising. They came to training camp with Gilbert at left tackle because they believed he was better in pass protection than Adams, who is considered a good run-blocker.

But, after flip-flopping the tackles earlier this week and watching them in practice, they believe Gilbert is a much better run-blocker on the right than he is on the left. And the Steelers, like most NFL teams, are a right-handed running team.

“I think from playing on the right before I’m just more comfortable with what I’m doing,” Gilbert said.



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    Mike Adams guarding Ben’s blind side??? How can you like what you see they haven’t even played yet??? Can Adams block anyone who is rushing the QB on either the Bengals or Ravens??? I see the line as a huge weakness this year.

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