Marcus Allen wants the Raiders to move back to LA

Hal of Fame running back Marcus Allen believes his former team,  the Raiders, need to move back to Los Angeles instead of trying to build a new stadium in the Oakland area.

“I’d rather see — I know people in Oakland won’t like this — the team back in Los Angeles,” Allen told NBCSN.  “I think it’s a viable option. . . .We can’t have them back at the [L.A.] Coliseum, the Coliseum now is USC’s home. . . . But there’s some locations there that I know I’ve talked to a few owners [about] and I know that they’ve liked. I can’t divulge my sources though.”

Allen believes nows the time to make the move.

“I just think it’s ripe right now, being the second largest market and being the entertainment capital of the world it’s almost necessary to have a team there,” Allen said. “And I think with the corporate support and the brand that has already been there, that’s been established, that has a huge following, I think it’d be a no-brainer.”

Allen also doesn’t believe the Raiders should share a stadium with another team.

“That’s not the Raiders,” Allen said.  “The Raiders don’t share things. . . . I don’t think Al [Davis] would like it, I can say that right now. He wouldn’t be happy at all because to him it’s the Raiders and 31 other teams.”