Marc Trestman wants Devin Hester to focus on special teams, not being a receiver

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According to, Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman wants Devin Hester to focus on special teams and not being a wide receiver.

Trestman said at the league meeting today that he views Hester as a return man, not a wide receiver. As a result, Trestman said, Hester will be spending his time in practice working with the special teams.

Although Trestman hasn’t totally ruled out Hester playing some receiver, he said he’s not even sure if Hester will practice with the wide receivers this season, let alone play with them.

Trestman is a very smart coach.  I never understood why Hester  has been playing receiver.  He’s not the threat people thought he could be.  The best move is to have him returning kicks and punts on a full-time basis.


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