Many teams consider Johnny Manziel ‘undraftable’

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The first freshman to win a Heisman trophy will be eligible for the NFL draft at the end of this season. Johnny Manziel put up over 550 total yards and 5 TDs against one of the best defenses in the country last week. However with his eye-popping stats and credentials many scouts find him undraftable. Manziel leaves a lot to be desired in terms of measurable statistics and mechanics but that isn’t the only things that teams are shying away from.

Via Peter King through a article 

Manziel, in his third year of eligibility at Texas A&M, could declare for the 2014 draft if he wants to come out, which seems likely. (He can also stay in and play the 2014 college season, and 2015 as well.) But Manziel, to many teams right now, would be undraftable because they’re scared of his mood swings and off-field questions. But it only takes one team out of 32 to fall for him. And some team will, unless he self-destructs between today and draft day.

Unfortunately for one NFL I believe Peter King is right, Manziel will be taken early by one team and don’t see him panning out as an NFL QB. Not only because of his off the field issues but when coupled with his physical decencies the issues are compounded. QB’s like Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson had questions regarding their QB playing ability but they were very high character men that teams knew would work to over come their issues. They were players that were leaders of men. Teams don’t see that with Manziel and frankly neither do I.

  • talaktochoba

    heard this all before….Tyrien Matthieu, Patrick Petersen, Warren Sapp, Brett Favre, a couple of other CBs now with the Rams and Ravens, Drew Bees, Ray Nitscke, the list goes on and on;

    it just amazes me how a league of 32 teams, most of them owned or founded by out and out crooks–Rosenblum, Halas, Rooney, Mara, Kraft, Modell, York, DiBartolo, and now the new Browns owner–has the utter nerve to suggest a player won’t succeed because of his “character issues”…

  • Agdoc

    Nicely put. I never cease to be amazed at the “experts” that turn out to be totally lacking in judgment when it comes to which players will be game changers. These are the same people that sent Kurt Warner to the arena league and Doug Flutie to Canada. The examples are countless. So JF had some issues with being a brash 19/20 year old during the off season and that brands him for life? As far as being a “leader of men”, ask his teammates at A&M what kind of leader he is. I think the answer is obvious.