Many NFL personnel men reportedly don’t believe Joe Flacco is an “elite” quarterback

According to the National Football Post, even though Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco will likely get the $20 million per season that he’s looking for, many personnel men around the league don’t believe he’s an “elite” quarterback.

Joe Flacco very well may become the highest paid quarterback in the NFL in the very near future, but many personnel men still do not consider him an elite quarterback. Why will he be paid like one? Timing. Flacco obviously got hot at the most opportune of times when he led the Ravens to the Super Bowl. He also did it in a year when there is no can’t miss quarterback in the draft or on the free agent market. He also has no backup on the Ravens who is capable of taking his job. It’s a perform storm for Flacco because the Ravens have no viable option to replace him.

I personally don’t believe Flacco should get the same kind of money that Drew Brees and Peyton Manning are earning, but after a very impressive playoff run that ended in a Super Bowl title this past season, I can’t argue with him likely cashing in on a big-time contract.  As we all know, it’s not easy to win a Super Bowl.




  1. Jilgavvent says

    Are you serious! You give him protection and receivers that can get seperation and he can deliver he’s done it in everyplay off, have you forgotten the dropped pass in playoff passed, the missed feild goals, who got htem in position to win he can deliver! And, he is durable, you need to live in Baltimore to see the light! You don’t know what you talking about!

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