Manti Te’o impressive at practice

Yesterday we heard about how Chargers’ linebacker Manti Te’o is ready for a NFL starting job. Today we are hearing about Te’o and how he keeps on impressing the team at practice (we’re talking about practice!).

Te’o claims that the “media-hiatus” has helped him stay focused.

I’ve had the time to focus on the plays and focus on what goes on on the field,” Te’o said, “and that has definitely helped me improve

Even veteran fullback Le’Ron McClain is chiming in on his new teammate.

The analysis of those covering the team echoes that of veteran fullback Le’Ron McClain, who said two weeks ago that Te’o had “caught everybody’s eye to see that he’s a great player.”

You always have to be careful with praise being handed out early in camp. At this point, every player looks good to every reporter.

Though if what is being said is true, the Chargers really lucked into a great player and they have no one to thank but Te’o’s slow forty time and Lenny Kekua (or I guess Ronaiah Tuiwhaterverhisnameis).



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    Really! Can’t you lay off the guy….Wait no this comeing from a has been or maybe a never was………..

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