Manning swings by Ravens locker room after game (PHOTO)

BAdko0eCEAIQ3CVDirector of Media Relations of the Baltimore Ravens Chad Steele captured and tweeted a heartwarming scene 1.5 hours after a long, exhausting game at Mile High Stadium.

I wonder what the two said to each other after the rare double-overtime playoff treat.

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  • Ross

    That’s a great picture. Awesome moment to capture

  • Timm Jones

    I wonder if Ray stabbed everyone right after this picture was taken.

    • Nizzle

      Fuck ya cunt

    • Nizzle

      F*ucK off ya C*unt

  • Bob

    Where’s the White suit, Lewis? I thought he always wore white after killing.

  • Anonymous

    “You’re for sure, absolutely positive, that this is it for you….RIGHT??”

  • Anonymous

    Tim you are such a DickHead.