Man trying to sell naked photos of RG3 for $25K

robert griffin III 2

Last week a woman claimed that on the wedding night of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, he sent her photos of himself without a shirt on, according to Busted Coverage, via Black Sports Online.

Now two men, one of them being the ex-boyfriend of the woman who claimed to have photos of RG3, who are trying to sell naked photos of Griffin for $25,000.

Deadspin has some more details surrounding this mess.

We received an email from someone claiming to be Meredith’s ex-boyfriend, offering to sell us “information, text messages, FaceTime screenshots, pictures, you name it, proving that it was indeed him and he’s been up to it for some time.

” He claimed he has text conversations of Griffin trying to get her to meet him in Vegas, and at least one photo of Griffin’s penis. In a subsequent email, he wrote, “This is the next Brett Favre story, if not even bigger,” and demanded $25,000. We also heard from another reader, who had originally contacted us back in January. He was offering a story about how Griffin had been “catfished” by an older woman posing as a college-age girl. She had supposedly received scores of texts and Facebook messages from Griffin, as well as “dick pics.”

I really hope for Griffin’s sake that this guy is lying.   The only way we’ll find out is if he actually releases the alleged pictures of Griffin.

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