Man sues the NFL because he believes the Chargers shouldn’t have made the playoffs

According to the Baltimore Sun,  a man named Daniel L. Spuck of Mercer, Pennsylvania ended up filing a motion against the NFL to the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania for “a temporary emergency injunction,” claiming that the San Diego Chargers shouldn’t have made the playoffs because of that blown call from week 17 when they beat the Chiefs.

In the filing, Spuck suggested some possible remedies for the missed call. The NFL could suspend the playoffs for a week to 10 days, allow Succop to re-kick the field goal, or let the Steelers play the Chargers at a neutral site to determine who plays on.

Online court records, which show that the suit was filed via inmate mail from the Pennsylvania corrections department, say the plaintiff has not submitted a filing fee or requested a waiver.

People take football way too serious sometimes.