Malcolm Jenkins compares Rob Ryan to Greg Williams

Last year the New Orleans Saints were crippled by a punishment handed down by the league after the team was caught in a bounty scandal which was headed by the team’s former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. One with common sense would think that the team would do anything it can to disassociate itself from the man who got the team’s head coach, Sean Peyton, suspended for all of last year. Apparently safety Malcolm Jenkins did not get the memo.

By the way of, Jenkins compares the team’s new defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan, to Williams and even calls them “similar”.

“Personality-wise they are very similar,” Jenkins said, per The Associated Press. “They’re cut from the same cloth in that they know that players and matchups are what defense is all about and they have a lot of personality and they’re aggressive in their play-calling.”

No matter the context, Jenkins has to be smarter than this. Ryan was brought in to fix the league’s worst defense of last year. Being compared to the man who was responsible for taking a team out of contention isn’t something that would be seen as favorable.

Ryan is going to have to improve this defense but the loud-mouthed coach will definitely have to watch hat he says in locker rooms, especially if there is cameras present. He should do everything he can to avoid anymore comparisons to Williams.





  1. basin in nola says

    Ignorant article. The comments by Jenkins apply to most football coaches in the game. The “thought police” need to move to a new country.

  2. Anonymous says

    All you Saints haters need to let the bounty gate go. Good grief, he is comparing their coaching styles. Gimme me a break. Just let it go and move on.

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