Lovie Smith asks Bears fans to be quiet while they’re on offense

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler complained about their own fans being too loud while their offense was inside the opponents red zone.  Now it looks like head coach Lovie Smith is joining him in asking the fans to quiet down.

“First off … I thought [the fans] were outstanding on … all the downs,’’ Smith said on Monday per the Chicago Sun-Times. “The general rule is when our defense is out there — that’s the beauty of having the home crowd. When our defense is on the field and their offense is trying to get the different communications that they have to go through.

“When we have the ball offensively, yes, we would like our crowd to be as quiet as possible. Of course we would love you to cheer at the end of the play, but in between when we’re trying to communicate, yes, we definitely need them to be quiet then.’’

It just seems like to me that Bears’ fans aren’t the brightest.  When your team is on offense, you should never be making any noise, unless a big play is made.  But in the huddle and at the line of scrimmage you should be quiet.


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