London Fletcher says he’s still evaluating his future

Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher was a guest on NFL AM on the NFL Network and was asked if he plans on retiring.

“I’m still evaluating,” Fletcher said. “It’s really about seeing if I can get myself ready to play … to the level I’m used to playing. I’m still getting myself physically back ready. I start training in a couple weeks and go from there, and then I’ll see if I can do it to the level I’m able to do it.”

Fletcher says he’s been in touch with the Redskins and they’re not pressuring him to make a decision.

Fletcher believes he’s a Hall of Famer and I can’t argue with him.

“Just looking strictly at the numbers, I think so. I think, when you look at my career and what I’ve been able to accomplish, it would be arguable to say that I’ve been able to perform at a Hall of Fame level.”

Fletcher’s numbers are very similar to Ray Lewis’, who’ll certainly be in the Hall of Fame.

“To be able to have done it for so long, and to have done it at the level I’ve done it at, I feel totally blessed and fortunate to be even considered at a Hall of Famelevel,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher has been on so many losing teams with the Redskins.  If I were him, I would come back and try to make another playoff run in 2013.