London Fletcher says Cowboys’ fans need to move out of Washington D.C.

Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher as some advice for Cowboys fans that live in Washington D.C.

I guess after winning the NFC East this past season, Fletcher is sick of them.

I can speak from experience since I live in the Baltimore/D.C. area, there are a ton of Cowboys fans here.


H/T Los That Sports Blog


  1. Beth says

    Go London! I get accosted constantly when wearing Redskins gear in my home town of DC. I couldn’t imagine being a high profile NFL player and dealing with those same haters

  2. Anonymous says

    Dallas will kick again! We are here to stay. When they draft a new qb and especially a BACKUP QB, they’ll be ready. Go BOYZ!

  3. Anonymous says

    London seems like a GREENSKIN, green with envy because Dallis’ is “GONE WITHE THE WIND DALLISIOUSZ!!!

  4. NCHeelsBoysFAn says

    LOL Dallas shirts to Redskins 24 to 2 last year at Kings Dominion in Va, w my sons. Panthers Dallas game in Charlotte this year 50/50 jerseys in the stands! We are everywhere London. The hate helps as much as the fandom! Its why we are America’s Team! And always will be (whether bspn likes it or not) Support for Dallas fans in DC! Betcha Dallas gets another SB before Redskins! Go Cowboys!

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