“I decided to take myself out. … It was my game plan,” said Fletcher per the Washington Post.

Head coach Mike Shanahan says this is something they’ve been thinking of.

But Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said on Monday, “To be honest with you, we’ve been talking about giving London a few plays off. We don’t want to overwork him, especially with the offenses we go against nowadays with the hurry-up and the no-huddle,” Shanahan said. “I’d like to give him a few more plays off, not to just wear him down. That’s what happened yesterday. I think he got a few in the second half. I was hoping that Nick would get a few in the first half, but we’re trying to keep London at 100 percent and we don’t want to set him back at all.”

With Fletcher on his last legs as a NFL player knows he can’t play an entire game the way he used to.  His humility should be praised.