London Fletcher not thinking about making this season a farewell tour

Redskins linebacker London Fletcher made it clear that this coming season isn’t a farewell tour for the end of his NFL career.

“I’m really focused on this season, playing the best ball I can play,” he said, per The Washington Times. “That’s really how I look at it.”

Fletcher explained why he came back for his 16th season.

“The desire to continue to play, still playing at a high level; the team still wanted me to play, so a lot of things come into play,” Fletcher said. “I still love the game of football. Also, I like where this team is at. I like the makeup of it.”

Fletcher likes what the Skins did in the draft.

“Anytime you can add depth to your team, competition, that’s a good thing,” he said. “I know they feel great about the draft picks, the guys they were able to add. Those guys are coming along each and every day. From that standpoint, I think they’re going to help us be a better team, play better defense.”

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