London Fletcher believes the Redskins need to keep Mike Shanahan

During his press conference today,  linebacker London Fletcher gave head coach Mike Shanahan a vote of confidence by telling everyone the Redskins should keep him.

“As I look at the current situation, I think Coach Shanahan is definitely the right guy,” Fletcher said. “I think Mr. Snyder would be wise to let him see this thing through. Obviously there’s gonna have to be some changes made. … But I don’t think it needs to be with the head coach.”

Fletcher says changing coaches wouldn’t help the organization.

“One of the things that hasn’t happened around here in Washington since Mr. Snyder has owned this football team, there’s been no … stability at the head coach position,” Fletcher said. “You’re talking about, I think, now the seventh head coach in, what, 14years, I think, since he’s owned the team? And sometimes when I look at and study the winning franchises, the perennial winning franchises — you’re talking about New England, Pittsburgh, teams like that, Green Bay, even Baltimore now — they have a sense of stability. They have a plan that they have. They stick with it.”

What Fletcher says makes sense, but it doesn’t look like Shanaahn, Dan Snyder and RG3 can all co-exist.