London Fletcher agrees with Darrell Green that RG3 is not their main leader

robert griffin III

Redskins linebacker London Fletcher was asked to give his thoughts on Darrell Green’s recent comments about Robert Griffin III and the leadership on their team.

“It depends on the guys you have in the locker room. I don’t know what it was like when Darrell was a veteran. But I think the guys still respect me and appreciate what I do on and off the field. Darrell’s a well-respected guy around here, but I disagree with him. I think if he came around he’d see it different….I’m sorry when he was an older guy he didn’t have a voice in the locker room.”

Fletcher did agree that RG3 isn’t considered the Redskins’ main leader.  He indicated that it’s hard for a player in their second season to be that guy.

“Robert’s been a captain two years in a row,” Fletcher said. “That just doesn’t happen [your first two years in the NFL]. Sometimes people get caught in what they think leadership should look like. Is it someone yelling in front of someone? Leadership doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it’s the things you do on the practice field, in the meeting rooms, in the huddle, on the sidelines. Communication. Things like that. I haven’t seen many rookies come in and have the qualities he has as far as being a leader. He’s a leader, but he doesn’t need to be the leader right now. There’s too much responsibility for him to come in to a franchise that had a 20-year drought at quarterback. There’s a lot of pressure on him to perform. He’s handled that part of it, but there are enough guys to be leaders.”

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