Lions players told Heath Evans Ndamkuong Suh is a headache

ndamukong suhFormer NFL fullback Heath Evans told 105.1 FM that while he worked for FOX this past season some Lions players told him that Ndamukong Suh is a headache.

“The consistent message that came out of there is that Suh was uncontrollable and that he would constantly do things to kind of show his power over Jim Schwartz, whether it was team meetings, showing up late, or whatever it may be,” Evans said. “When you don’t put players in line, I don’t care how great they are.”

Suh seemed to enjoy showing everyone he could do what he wants.

“The bottom line is he would just do things, whether it was showing up for a meeting late, or little different antics to kind of let the team know … it was more or less Suh just trying to show his dominance, his power,” Evans said. “That he was basically untouchable and he could basically do what he wanted to do.”


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