Lions player gets in Tom Brady’s face (GIF)

Lions defensive end Willie Young must have forgotten that Thursday night’s game didn’t count, since it’s only a preseason game.

Young ended up getting in the face of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during the Lions’ convincing win over New England.  Once again who cares if the Lions played better, the game didn’t count.

lions taunting tom brady


h/t Next Impulse Sports



  1. Hippo.McG says

    Tell me this fool isn’t gonna feel the pain next time he’s on the field with Logan Mankins.

  2. Anonymous says

    They should fine him 50Gs and 2 games . To send a message for after the play is dead the play is just that .Hands down and back to your side of the ball. That goes for all .They get big money,and should be role models for young players. These are just Preseason games.

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