Lions need Ndamukong Suh to be a leader, whether he is suited or not

Detroit Lion’s nose tackle Ndamukong Suh is entering his third year in the NFL after being chosen 1st overall by the team. After a veteran exodus on the defensive side this offseason, the team is expecting Suh to take more of a leadership role.

Chris McCosky recently wrote about the team’s desire to see Suh as a leader and why he might not be the leader they desire.

I would caution against expecting Suh to be a leader like Vanden Bosch or Williams. I would caution against trying to force Suh into being something he’s not. He’s not going to be that rah-rah type guy. He’s not going to preside over a team meeting. He’s not going to be the guy who invites his teammates over to his place for a cookout.

Linebacker Stephen Tulloch also weighed in on Suh’s potential to be a vocal leader.
“No, he’s a quiet guy, you know how Suh is,” Tulloch said. “But I will say this, he’s very dominant. I can’t get mad at him. He can be as quiet as he wants. He’s probably the most dominant defensive tackle I’ve ever been around.”
That is the exact way that the Lions should mold Suh into a leader. Have him lead by example. If he is the NFL’s best nose tackle, naturally his teammates will want to play up to his level. To be a leader there is no need be leading group huddles or meetings. Just play with %110 percent and the team will follow.