Lions may suspend contract talks with Mathew Stafford until after the season

Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand told that they might soon suspend contract talks with quarterback Mathew Stafford so he can focus on the upcoming season.

“We’ve still got discussion to have, but at some point in time, will either get a deal done, or we’ll focus on football,” Lewand said. “The good news there is that we’ve got a great relationship. I think Matt has a lot of confidence that we want him to be our quarterback for a long time and we have a lot of confidence that Matt wants to be here for a long time.”

The Lions have faith something will get done and aren’t in a hurry since Stafford’s current deal doesn’t run out until at the 2015 season.

“I’ve always felt good with that. I tell you guys that all the time,” said Lewand.

The reason the Lions want to sign Stafford to extension now is so they can create more cap room going forward.

  • Daniel Stillmunks

    Hey, don’t get upset. Lose Mathew Stafford: Get a QB from the JJJJETS–they seem to be stock pileing Q.B.’s for some unknown reason: What have they got about 8 now?

  • Anonymous

    8 QBS that no one but the Jets want……