Lions’ fan collecting signatures to vote for draft pick

A Detroit Lions fan from Lansing, Michigan named Chris Pruett, who’s known as “Lionsguy” has been a supporter of his team for almost 50 years.

This year Pruett is on the street so he can get fellow Lions’ fans to sign a petittion; “To let fans vote live via internet to make the draft picks for the Lions”.

“I’ve got 12 sheets of signatures filled up,” Lionsguy said, per “I started this three years ago, but I only started having people sign it this year. I got tired of coming up with too many slogans. I had a 16-foot flagpole before this and I marched around with that. And then, beginning of the Lions season 2012, I said, ‘Well shoot, I could leave the back of the sign blank.”

Pruett was asked who he’d draft.

“I don’t know; I’m not a big ol’ expert,” he said. “I know a lot of stuff like that, but I’m here to connect with the fans, make the fans happy, give the Lions fans a little cheer. I know this petition joke will never happen.”

I think the Lions have done a much better job of drafting over the past few years, but like every other non-elite team, they can struggle at times.




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