Lions’ Chaz Schilens has a tiger tattoo that covers his entire back (Photo)

Chaz-Schilens-tiger-back-tattooLions wide receiver Chaz Schilens got a tiger tattoo that covers his entire back.

Larry Brown Sports has the story.

According to Paula Pasche of The Oakland Press, the tattoo took 24 hours total to complete and had Schilens in the tattoo parlor on three separate occasions. While I don’t really understand the significance of the jungle-themed ink, I suppose it’s a good thing that the design isn’t nearly as horrifying as this NBA player’s huge back tattoo. That’s pretty much the only positive I can say about Schilens’ new addition.




  1. talaktochoba says

    um, Paul…SO WHAT?

    did you bother to ask if he has any Oriental/Polynesian/Australian tribal heritage?

    must you inflict your clearly Eurocentric perceptions upon everything?

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